Spot On Pool Gap

Extended for 2018!

Check out the layout of our Pool Gap mk2! We are totally stoked on the improvement made to our step up pool gap over winter 17/18. Pete and Alec have combined a wealth of ramp building knowledge and their background in various extreme sports to develop a wakeboard pool gap like no other! We believe our pool gap is the first of its kind in the UK. The large top pool means that there is space ride up the pool gap and allow time to turn around, before hitting the obstacles on the way back out. Driven by a Sesitec System 2.0 the full length of this cable is over 180m! The main pool gap will feature two main rails, one of which can be ridden both ways and one with a 5ft drop off. The new additions include a roll-in, barrel run, step up kicker and flat bar jib rail. With these additions the options for lines is endless!

With the purchase of 3 Shape obstacles this year this season is shaping up to be pretty special. Our gap line now has a regular heelside xl kicker and 2 rooftops!

The second pool gap consists of a 4ft step up using an Industry Wake Parks kicker into the raised pool and then you will have the option of a flat box, down rail, manual pad or ollie out.

Base Line obstacles