Beginner Pool - The Base Line

The Base Line is 180m long and has a consistent depth of 1.2m throughout, meaning that an adult can stand up at any point in the pool. It is a fantastic safe environment in which to learn to wakeboard and boasts a number of features in the lake for you to take your riding to the next level! Also with our 9m towers it is the perfect venue to crack those air tricks!

Advanced Pool - The Gap Line

The Gap Line is over 200m long, is deeper and will offer a completely unique ramp set up unrivaled by any other venue in the UK. Comprising of water at 3 different elevations the rider will be able to start by hitting a 5ft drop off ramp set up and then have the option to hit a 3ft step-up pool gap before turning. On the return leg there is a 90ft rooftop rail to hit or ride the pool gap both ways.


We have been busy building over the winter months to bring you more features to shred this summer! Our main pool gap feature is now double the width and has new rails and booters! Watch this space for pics coming soon!