There are three divisions Men / Ladies / 16 & under with the following classifications for each division.


This is aimed for riders who have just started out in the sport.

Kicker tricks – Anything up to but NOT including 360s or backside 180s

Rail Tricks – Anything up to AND including 360 along features but NOT backlip/frontboard or controlled stalled out tricks. If you can spin 540s or nail a sweet backlip along a feature then you’re an Intermediate

Air Tricks – Definitely NO air tricks


Kicker tricks – For spinning it is anything up to and including 540s. For inverts, it is any basic inverts, eg an invert or invert with a frontside 180. Eg tantrums, roll to reverts, scarecrow etc.

Rail tricks – Pretty much anything goes here, but we want to see ollie on to rails, holding presses and everything super legit

Air tricks – Basic stuff. eg raley, kyrpt, back roll, roll to revert




Download an entry form here. Industry Grass Roots tour entry form.